BBM - Free Calls & Messages

BBM - Free Calls & Messages

NEW UPDATE: New Stickers, Voice calling, Vouchers, Games, News, Video & more…

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: December 16, 2017
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000



Discover the new BBM and everything it has to offer! We started with the best messaging features on the planet, introduced privacy features to keep you in control, brought you free voice and video calling, and now we’ve added thousands of stickers, free games, news, shopping, vouchers and more. Millions of people around the world have discovered how BBM has changed – your turn!

▷ Free Messaging & Calls
- Free voice and video calls between BBM contacts
- 1-on-1 messages and group chats
- Express yourself with thousands of stickers for every mood and emotion let you express yourself
- Broadcast messages to all your contacts
- Send voice notes, photos, videos and files
- See when your messages have been ‘D’elivered and ‘R’ead
- See when a contact is responding

▷ Discover BBM
- The next evolution of messaging: Here you’ll find localised content and services for everyday use
- Find thousands of stickers, both static and animated
- Amazing deals with shopping & vouchers
- The latest news
- Hundreds of free games
- Follow your favorite football league matches and scores
- Subscribe to BBM Channels that interest you receive their posts in your Feeds

▷ Privacy features that keep you in control
- BBM PIN - Keep your phone number private – customise and share with friends
- Block - You always have ability to prevent someone from sending you messages or invites.
- Timer - Send photos and messages that disappear.
- Retract - Take back that photo or message that you wish you hadn’t sent *
- Glympse - Share your location – with a time limit.
- Private Chats – Safe from screenshots & prying eyes!

▷ Feeds - Your personal social network!
- Set your avatar using images, pictures or even animated pictures (GIFs)
- Update your status to let people know what you’re up to or how you feel
- Post photos for all your friends to see
- Subscribe to BBM Channels that interest you, see posts from those channels in your feeds
- Create your own channel and build your subscribers to share your thoughts, ideas and passions

For more information about BBM, please check out our official website:

Note: Data charges may apply.
* While these features are designed to remove the message or picture the recipient’s BBM chat view, they do not prevent recipients from capturing an image of the content by taking a screenshot or using an image capture device. Retracting a message after it has been read by the recipient will remove the message from the BBM chat view, but will not affect copies of the message that the recipient may have made prior to the message being retracted.


12,682,675 total
5 7,699,108 
4 2,580,017 
3 1,270,124 
2 429,965 
1 703,461 

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Deb L Published date: December 26, 2017

    So now when I'm trying to send a voice message on BBM I can't get the microphone to work that is now on placed on the right side of my screen. When it was in the center no problem. Now I have to hit it about 5 times to make it work. It goes on off on off on off before it finally stays on. Also now they don't have the attachment icon at the bottom of the screen to send a picture. I have to go into my pictures push share then pull up BBM. This app is just going down the hill very quickly Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Ratna Fitriani I. Published date: January 11, 2018

    Sorry I had to give 1 after updated to the recent one. I used to love BBM because it's simple and easy to use, but: 1. I loved the previous version when I can delete/keep my 'About' blank. I tried to delete my previous status/about but it remains there. It means that I have to change the status but can't leave it blank. WHY?? 2. I loved the old emojis, aren't those your signature? Why changed it to the common one? The one and only update I love is that we can delete a post. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    George Evans Published date: January 7, 2018

    I love all the features of this chat app. But the groups let it down because they can only hold 50 people and no videos or gifs. And the same with those channel feeds. Just too limited in terms of media. Reach is shrinking as ppl switch to more flexible apps. There has been a recent substantial improvement in voice call quality. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Felicia Maistry Published date: January 4, 2018

    Lot and lots of new staff that has been launched for the new BBM which are enjoyable the BBM voice call and BBM video call.... LET'S SEE WHAT NEW URL COME OUT WITH NOW!!!! one things I don't like I wish for url to change is the round circle when we changing our pictures most of them don't fit... Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Neha Avinashi Published date: December 22, 2017

    I have been a BBM loyalist for years now. One of the best features was the unique emojis. The latest update with the new emojis has been so disappointing. I don't know if I can continue to support, promote or even use BBM now. Please go back to the old emojis. They were one of your best value propositions as a messenger app. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Deb Horvath Published date: December 21, 2017

    I have been using BBM for as long as I can remember and it has always been a great app. I especially loved the emojis because they didn't look like they were drawn by a 3 yr old with a crayon. But this last update has destroyed BBM for me. I can no longer give it 5 stars or recommend it. Sadly, I will have to start looking for another messaging app. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Sacha Roussel Published date: December 27, 2017

    The app works great! But, I have no ability to make BBM video chats since I went over to Droid and there is no notification star or number when you get new messages which is disappointing. Add these missing things from the original platform and you get 5 stars! Edit: They have added video calls and added a widget to give you the notification star! 5 stars it is. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Lewis Dunlop Published date: January 10, 2018

    The new update books better although I hate the way they've taken away the ability to swipe through two feeds contacts channels eccetera. And the latest update has updated the emojis to ones like Samsung and whatsapp and all them... The old emojis were the best!!!!!!! Please fix these issues immediately!!!!!!!! Also good job with the profiles being able to scroll thru all their posts and updates and ability to delete posts. Great job BBM keep up the good work before all your customers go to WhatsApp Messenger. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    brio last Published date: January 3, 2018

    Great voice and video calls (much better than whatsapp). Video clip size limit is too short and sometimes they "expire" so user can't view them. Video clips have to be saved b4 opening them (why?). Emojis just changed on the android blackberry -not as nice looking as the previous version.... Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Published date: December 27, 2017

    I could do without the stickers, but the basic functionality keeps BBM the best messaging app I have used over the past 30 years. (Yes, there was instant messaging in 1985.) Delivery verification makes BBM usable for mission critical tasks, like coordination of complex maintenance activities. Or determining who's picking up the kids. Some other messaging apps Hang you Out to dry in that regard. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Rick Mallais Published date: January 14, 2018

    The most recent update has broken this app. I have sworn by it for years, but now it's taking hours to deliver messages. It's become about as reliable as the first 14.4k modems. I hope this is fixed, because I'd hate to have to move elsewhere. But hey, at least they kept the ads up and running... Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Rohit Shivhare Published date: December 22, 2017

    The last update is pathetic. Been a loyal bbm user but the last update ruins bbm expirience totally. The smilies are no more unique that they used to be rather look cheap copies of whatsapp like smilies. Overall navigation in the app sloeed down too.Pls address the issue in next update ASAP. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Published date: December 17, 2017

    What used to be my favorite texting app has just failed me. The last update changed the emoji style which used to be the best ever. Now they suck and I am so sad. Worst Christmas present ever! Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    ryan russell Published date: December 16, 2017

    Blackberry recently had an update go through, that changed their uniquely styled emojis, to a run of the mill version. BBMs original emojis and stickers were the sole reason my wife and i used the platform. With this change, i would suggest to just use whats app instead. I am very dissapointed. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    housewins A Published date: December 26, 2017

    This app was a must use and a 5 until the most recent update. The interface is awful and the main selling point of the app, the emojis, have gone now. Please re-instate the old emojis as I think this is a big part of why you have maintained the customer base you have Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Heather Matthews Published date: December 26, 2017

    Please give us the old emoticons back! These new ones are truly awful. App works flawlessly, voice chat is great for talking to my friends out of country and crystal clear, pictures and videos are simple to send. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    sahar kiani amin Published date: December 24, 2017

    I've been using bbm for 6 years. And I used to love it. But after the new update my bbm is so so slow when I want to type or send pictures. It is kinda lagging. First I think that the problem is with my dtekt 60 phone but it is not. And also I don't like new emojis😔 sorry for 2 stars. I hope that bbm would solve the problem🙏 Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Ay Gee Published date: December 20, 2017

    Seems like they're going down the standard android-like drastic change for each update just to say they are making progress. Disappointing as usual. What happened? Add the ability to change emoji packs so you can select between old and the new and whichever you send, the receiver will also see it Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Tony Okwudei Published date: December 28, 2017

    With this new update, the app lags. Takes about a 5-6secknds break to open up after hitting a notification or the app icon itself. The Emojis are awful. And why on earth can't one open up a conversation the group and you just read from all unread downwards rather than tracing where u stopped and even worse get pushed to the bottom when a new post comes in. Awful!!!!!😞 Please if you can't make it better just revert to the old one. And spare me the tell response...that's if at all you are listening. Loosers!😠 Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Published date: December 20, 2017

    Ive been using bbm for years now and its been great, but I haate the newest upgrade! You can't scroll thru pictures in a chat anymore, all the emojis changed and are really gay now, the main icons switched to the bottom. It's annoying to use, please switch back to the original setup! Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Andrea O Published date: January 9, 2018

    Please. Kill the current emojis. Go back to the old ones. Please. Then I may update stars. Oh..And please don't reply with the stock "email us if you have issues" response. Just bring back the old emojis. Please. Listen to the masses 😕 Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Chris K Published date: December 22, 2017

    I love BBM and don't use anything else. But the latest update ruined it. I don't like the look and worst of all it no longer displays the actual messages on my gear fit 2. It just says "new message". Please fix this, it's driving me nuts. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Rama krishna Published date: December 23, 2017

    After the latest update. I see that the images are getting saved in the gallery for Android. Also when u reply using quote in the private mode the name gets displayed. It is no more private chat. I m able to save pictures in private chat which shouldn't be the case like before. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    JESUSpuh will return Published date: December 17, 2017

    Very bad, i can't send voice messages. Audio option won't let me slow to send voice messages. When I press ang hold the audio option it automatically stops and rejects. Please update out revert the old update. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Hani Ibrahim Published date: December 30, 2017

    Great to have this one on Android after all, good work. Stable and does it's job, but needs hell of too much work and UI tweaks. Photos resolutions is something definitely needs fix ASAP, otherwise you will kill this app with point of fail for photo sharing. Good luck, but don't dream to take down the beast, because you are too late. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Ali Alnoaimi Published date: January 5, 2018

    The emoticons look terrible!! At least have an option where we can choose the old emojis. You can't force people to accept something they dislike. You'll eventually lose your users. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    S tmn Published date: December 20, 2017

    Until your retarded update two days ago I liked this app.... But it forced me to do a log in, which I was never required to on this device, which I've had for a year, and then proceeded to delete my new BBM account and replace with my old one!!!! Which moved the account from old device. I didn't want that, I wanted two separate accounts, two separate devices! #annoyed. I DELETING THIS😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😠😠😠😠😠 Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Published date: December 23, 2017

    I had previously given BBM a 5 star rating but this latest update has left me very confused. The signature aesthetics of BBM are gone and the emojis look like a knock off of another app. There are other ways this update could have been approached. If the intent was to attract users from other messaging platforms, offer a signature emoji pack and a cross platform pack so people can choose. I would have also liked to see the the ability to send GIFs to a group not just an individual contact. How about making it easier to create a permanent BBM group without having to use BBM Enterprise. I'm sad to see BBM lose it's identity and I hope they listen to their loyal customer base that have taken the time to leave feedback. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Ahmed Al Hammouri Published date: December 18, 2017

    has always been a "5 stars" app for me and the only chat app i use. but after the latest update and the inexplicable, distorted change to BBM signature emojis.. cannot get myself to rate above 2!! why to badly break something that was exceptionally unique?!!! doubt it was tested in anyway before rolling out the update!! please do revert on the change in the next update Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Published date: December 30, 2017

    The advertising is annoying. I don't like the pop ups in my contact list forcing me to open something to get fid of it!! The advertising is still a pain and the new emoj I are not an upgrade Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Rahul Gautam Published date: December 23, 2017

    This update is very bad. It is Frequently crashing app now and everytime I have to click ADD button to choose timed msg icon.. earlier it was always available in front. Crashing of the app is just like worst now. Needs update with rectification and with user friendly options Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Published date: December 22, 2017

    Annoying bulletins, can't stay unsubscribed from the BBM channel, uses more battery and data than discord even though I haven't opened BBM in days yet was on discord for an hour a day. Upon tapping a notification, I have to navigate to the conversation instead did it opening automatically. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Jermaine Williams Published date: December 21, 2017

    Why does the application now automatically download all received images to a folder on my device? There's also no way to turn it off. This is extra-strength annoying and is going to make me switch applications. The new BBM smiley changes are also wack. Why would you mess with the legendary BBM dancing face... disappointing... Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Published date: December 21, 2017

    Was a five until the last update. The widget has become bland, the emoji ruined, and the deliver/read notifications are worse. And contrary to the update notes about conversation with new comments being bolded... the widget no longer shows anything in bold. It feels very odd using it as I am used to the bolding to signify new conversation. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Published date: January 4, 2018

    Particularly dislike the constant ads bombardment.... Have the weather network app installed but BBM send me ads daily asking me to install an app that is already installed. Typical BB logic. Getting request for BBM friends in languages I can't even read. BB security (lack of); issues yet agsin Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    tony s Published date: December 27, 2017

    Getting slower and slower... seems RIM will finally abandon it. Too bad! Unfortunately, RIM is not putting more resources for this app and the result is obvious... let's move to WA or others Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Ernest Liu Published date: December 15, 2017

    Why oh why must I have pop up notifications!?!? Why can't I have the option to suppress these?! Horrible. After using bbm for 13 years I am now going to have to use another platform. Arghhhh. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Traci H Published date: January 5, 2018

    Bbm is great for chattin. Disappointing that it can only vid chat with android. Picture loading is terribly slow at times, more often than not. HATE the new version. ..they need a chats tab that u can hv the choice to see only the open chats and not have groups n chats altogether. The new upgrade sucks. Emoticons r awful. You cannot manage your display msgs like before. An upgrade is supposed to be better but this is a downgrade. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    dom gray Published date: December 15, 2017

    The popup notification is horrible. There was a reason I disabled it in the last update--I was fine with just the symbol on the top of my notification bar updating. This new notification is annoying to the point where I might just uninstall. Full Review

  • BBM - Free Calls & Messages
    Kim Stewart Published date: December 29, 2017

    Used to be able to just get an icon notification when I got a new message but now I always get a popup with the message. It's very intrusive and I don't see a way to fix this. If I turn off notifications I won't be able to get anything. Can you revert back to it being less intrusive? Full Review