Get ready for some flippin' action!

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Updated: July 17, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000



Get ready for some flippin' action!

Perform insane stunts while you cruise through the never-ending world of Rider! Grab your motorcycle and start flipping like a maniac!

◉ Complete 100 Challenges
◉ Collect 40 Awesome Bikes (including 4 Secrets)
◉ Receive Daily Rewards
◉ Complete all 32 Levels
◉ Unlock 10 Themes
◉ Compare your highscore with players worldwide
◉ Make insane stunts!

Download now and push your skills to the limit in Rider!


414,777 total
5 323,065 
4 39,691 
3 16,491 
2 5,951 
1 29,579 

  • Rider
    Prabha Pandey Published date: September 27, 2017

    Awesome Game!! Really I like this game. I dont even have words to describe it. Totally Fantastic... Whatever you say, this is totally cool. But I have a request...please add a column of legendary bikes. Like there is Common, Rares, Epics, and Specials , there should be a column of legendary. Waiting eagerly for the next update. Thanks a lot of making this fabulous game. And I would also like to appreciate the colours and graphics of this game. Thanks to the team for making this game. I advice this game to those who are looking for cool new games. Please install it and have FUN!!!! Dont just look at the pics, install and you'll be amazed. Full Review

  • Rider
    Eric Graziano Published date: December 4, 2017

    Unless you have 16 hrs a day to put into this game to learn the track you will never have a very high score. Sometimes your vehicle doesnt respond the same as other runs also you may land on your tail and survive and the next time you die its up and down with the control if you keep going or die. And sometimes it tries to flip when you try to take off resulting in a quick death Full Review

  • Rider
    Angus McRiley Published date: September 2, 2017

    Would and will give 5 star. But would like to see a gem counter. It gets rather tough keeping count. Also I noticed sometimes that when come across the areas that have the 4-5 flat spiked walls that you have to time just right. When I die and revive they all seem to sync up together making it impossible to go under. I'll try and screenshot it next time. All in all great job and awesome game. Maybe a custom map feature for future. Possibly added to the no ads fee. Would be worth it then. Full Review

  • Rider
    Nigel Moore Published date: December 9, 2017

    Great looking game, and good idea. I give it 4 stars because the tracks are not consistent. One time an obstical will work and the next run you hit an invisible bump and die. Also, a lot of the time it won't register your flips. These aren't huge bugs but considering the gameplay is based entirely upon these two premises, it makes the experience frustrating. Full Review

  • Rider
    Aubrey Thornhill Published date: December 26, 2017

    This game is my favorite game ever. The graphics are amazing, the controls are great. I can't seem to find anything wrong with this game. Me and my brother love playing it. I also like that it is available on Google Play Store and the Appstore on iPhones. My old phone was an iPhone, and when I got my new phone I was worried that I wouldn't be able to play it, but thanks to Ketchapp and Google Play Store, I can still play it!! Also, I would like to suggest that you add a feature that allows you to create your own level, but it's not something you have to add, it's just something I think would make the game absolutely perfect for me. Then again, you may already have that feature and I haven't seen it/gotten to it yet. Anyway, it's an amazing game, and I hope Ketchapp keeps making amazing games like this!!! (BTW, Ketchapp games are my absolute FAV.) Thank you!! 🚘😊🚘 Full Review

  • Rider
    Nargly Published date: January 8, 2018

    This game would be great if it wasn't so laggy. Usually I would think it was an issue with phone storage or something, but I am on a new phone (note 8) and have only added a few apps in total. The game was smooth the first day or two but now the speed changes throughout play. The levels become impossible because the clock doesn't slow down even though the movement of the bike does. Great concept and design. Hopefully that can be figured out if it is an issue on their side. Full Review

  • Rider
    Christopher van Appel Published date: December 22, 2017

    The game is great fun. I have been playing it for a few months and actually still play it. The only problem i seem to have with it. Is the laggish performance when i am connected to internet. The moment the internet is off then game runs more smoothly other than that. Still enjoy playing it. Though I must say it would be nice if there was a gem counter for each ride so i know how many I have collected. Otherwise great game Full Review

  • Rider
    Romeo The Pomeranian Dog Published date: January 13, 2018

    Love it. Only thing is there is a glitch when you watch an ad for 200 thingy things you get a menu that lets you get 200 more. Than again, than again. Its better on our side than yours but it would be a good fox so you have to earn them! I love all your games, wish I had all of them but I have limited storage! Full Review

  • Rider
    Dean Freeman Published date: July 28, 2017

    I think this simple mobile game is great! Its fun and exciting. The only thing that i dont really like is that even when you hold down on the screen it flips fowards. So when youre playing you should make it so when you touch the left of the screen you flip backwards or drive backwards. Other then that its an awesome game! Keep it up! Full Review

  • Rider
    Roman Kravtsov Published date: September 16, 2017

    Easily one of the best arcade games on Google Play Store. Would be of a benefit to add advanced controls (other than just one tap driving/flipping). Also I would personally like to see an option for custom background/neon color change, and I don't even mind paying for that :) Full Review

  • Rider
    Published date: November 16, 2017

    This game is honestly really fun. I've played it almost nonstop for about a week now, it's a great timekiller. My only concern is that on my Motorola E 3rd generation, the screen goes black after the first "Ketchapp" red screen and the game doesn't start. Please fix :)) Full Review

  • Rider
    Barry Hemmings Published date: August 28, 2017

    Update: Credit where it's due - I noticed a common theme to the crashing ads, emailed the devs and in less than 12 hours, a new update is out and after some testing the issue seems to be fixed. So, as you were - five stars restored. A great, fun, simple time killer. Full Review

  • Rider
    Bumby Beetle Published date: December 19, 2017

    This is a absolutely amazing game! I love it so much I played it non stop for hours. There is one thing that bothers me, however. It's that every time I die a bit far off it offers me a free revive. Yes, there are useful a lot but sometimes I don't want to watch a video! So please, can you make a "skip revive" button or something? That'd be so useful! Full Review

  • Rider
    Ian Hair Published date: July 20, 2017

    I consider myself a decent hardcore gamer. I mostly play Battlfield 1, Gwent and Bloodborne, but its nice to have a fun mobile game on your phone to pass the time in the "real" realm. In an ocean of mostly terrible mobile games, this one stood out the most. Fun, fast and challenging. Need I say more? Full Review

  • Rider
    Jessica Kasper Published date: August 28, 2017

    Love it except the screen sometimes goea blank. Its a great way to pasa time when youre super bored! It is nice challemging yourself too. I wish there was an option where you could race other players or a competition to see who can get the most points. Full Review

  • Rider
    Bravo Zulu Published date: July 28, 2017

    Addictive game, well worth the price to remove ads and double coins to support devs. Will keep me occupied for the next month! Only criticism is that every new bike unlock forces you to use that new one. I hate having to keep changing back to my favourite. Full Review

  • Rider
    Y'all Be Trippin Published date: July 20, 2017

    Fun Game, really enjoying it and played to remove adds and double gems, but I enjoy doing the challanges, is there anyway to put the challenges progress on screen during the run? For example collect between 20 and 25 gems in 1 run, maybe a progress bar at the bottom of the screen instead of having to pause gameplay as it's difficult when using one hand or lay down. Full Review

  • Rider
    TheScarf Published date: December 4, 2017

    This is a great game, very addicting and challenging to master. However, I have one complaint. There is a bug where you can be touching the screen and the vehicle won't drive/flip. This has ruined multiple good runs, and can happen at any time. It might just be my phone, but if you guys are able to fix this, I will easily rate five stars. Love this game, tho! Full Review

  • Rider
    swift beats Published date: October 27, 2017

    This game is awesome! But the controls are not so good..... I have to constantly remind myself I cant flip forward But only backwards and its pretty annoying and it makes me die all the time so if you can fix this problem it would be great! Thanks and awesome game! Full Review

  • Rider
    Published date: October 14, 2017

    I'm so obsessed with it. It has awesome graphics and sounds. Plus it's so exciting. Although, it would be great if there was a gem counter for every challenge run, cuz it's hard to count the gems you collect when you're asked to get a particular number Full Review

  • Rider
    Marek Krakowski Published date: September 7, 2017

    Game soft locks after ads, after pressing restart, after pressing continue, after pressing on bike icon, and after getting daily reward. I have to force close the game and reopen it. Maps are often broken, blocks of platforms aren't connected smoothly and you can easily fail on that parts. Some of the obstacles are impossible to pass with a few bikes. Also bike's speed is pretty random after multiple replays. Full Review

  • Rider
    Zapatozi Published date: August 26, 2017

    I love this game. But it has some problems that has been not fixed aa they said. At the start of the game. You drive a little bit and then it fast forwards the gameplay and then you see that you vehicle has been exploded. It doesn't happen sooo many times but this happened to me 3 times. But everything is good. It's very fun to compete with friends. My record is 95 right now. But i just started to play this game 2 days ago. That makes sense. Full Review

  • Rider
    Nabihah Zaheer Published date: July 18, 2017

    It is an epic game. If you are thinking about whether to buy it or not, you should. No complaints. If it is glitching a lot, then restarts your device. The game is five stars in everything, and I love the idea of levels, free play, collecting money (shards) and buying new bikes and cars. Keep it up and make more!!! Full Review

  • Rider
    mark parsons Published date: January 13, 2018

    Really annoyed now. I have paid (twice) for the ad free version but still get pestered with them and no response since reporting the issue. A pity because I love this very simply designed but addictive game. Would love to be able to save and replay some of my better runs to show my friends. Full Review

  • Rider
    Anton Petrochenko Published date: October 28, 2017

    Good, but not perfect. Things break, physics aren't the best, but the game is still holding up well. Although I'd like to point out the horrendous challenges. A lot of then want you to score "not more than" some amount of points, which is entirely counterintuitive. Full Review

  • Rider
    Published date: November 19, 2017

    This game has a simple yet addictive concept behind it, and great physics. Only one thing puzzles me, and that is that whenever I pay for a new car, it deducts money. Whenever I revive myself, I receive free coins. This is fine but perplexing. Also, I would like it if the price of a new car didn't constantly go up. Apart from that, I loved this game!!! :-) Full Review

  • Rider
    Ashley Barnes Published date: August 1, 2017

    For such a simple concept this is a really fun game! I find myself trying to squeeze out as many flips as possible in all the jumps. Graphically it's very nice considering it's such a simple UI. Great fun, quick and easy time killer 5/5 Full Review

  • Rider
    Craig Chappel Published date: September 28, 2017

    Game is fun, but at around 50 pts the obsticals become almost random chance of you proceeding. It is also a big change to how the game was being played, first you are going fast and getting tons of flips, all of a sudden you are waiting for this circle with a hole to spin to the right spot. This part of the game sucks and isn't fun at all Full Review

  • Rider
    Eero S Published date: October 12, 2017

    Quite above average. It would be much better if the physics weren't so inconsistent. Also, a gem counter would be much appreciated, keeping count in the thick of it is practically impossible. Another thing I dislike is the bonus reward. An advertisement? Really? Other than those things, it is a fairly satisfying time-waster with nice progression. Full Review

  • Rider
    Chocolate Chicken Published date: January 3, 2018

    I really enjoy the game. Mechanics are wonderful and it plays smoothly. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because there's an ad in the beginning when you first open it, and it's a bit delayed, so you click the start button, then the ad pops onto the screen and it takes you to the store page and that's really annoying. Full Review

  • Rider
    humza sidddique Published date: September 21, 2017

    The game is fine and good to kill time, but I paid to remove ads and soon after my phone needed a matter reset. After I re-downloaded the app it didn't restore my purchase. Even though there's a "restore purchases" option. Play the game, don't give them money. Full Review

  • Rider
    Ben Bruinix Published date: August 9, 2017

    The random boards makes the game interesting. The cars all seem to have there own set of stats that you can't see, so the game makes you use your instincts to decide what is the best for you. If you get bored of the randomness then you can try out the levels to challenge your self and to see what you really can do in the game. This game keeps me busy. I like the constant change up while having the challenge. Full Review

  • Rider
    Published date: October 6, 2017

    I like the simple controls and the graphis are nice, even if they are a bunch of basic shapes. On the other hand, I feel that gameplay lacks where you only have levels and the endless mode. Also, I think a track builder would be cool. Not like a complicated one, all you'd have to do is select what kind of section you want to place (e.g loops and booster ramps) and they'd snap so OCD wouldn't be an issue. Maybe also you'd be able to compete in races and if you win you get a reward, like 200 gems or a random vehicle. Just a suggestion. All in all, great game I love it!! Full Review

  • Rider
    Kpi Kerp Published date: November 11, 2017

    I downloaded the app and it was great, but then it crashed. When I went on again it was slowed down to about half speed. I deleted it and reinstalled it, but it was still slow. I tried removing all data, but that didn't work. If you help me out, I will rate it five stars. I played this on my old phone and it was fine. None of my other apps are slow. Please help me. Full Review

  • Rider
    Lewis Nelson Published date: September 28, 2017

    Addictive game to pass the time. Need a gem counter though. Once you get to the hardest challenges of collecting exactly n gems 4x it gets difficult to keep track of how many gems you have collected. Also the moving parts of the track don't trigger properly when you use a free revive. Full Review

  • Rider
    MagicBudgie Published date: July 17, 2017

    I love the game, and it has excellent graphics, but it would be good if you could lean backwards as well as forwards. Also, sometimes when I land a big jump my bike explodes, even though I landed on my wheels. The game also crashes to much, especially after you have watched an add. Occasionally everything turns into black boxes instead of the normal sprites witch is a big annoying but can be easily fixed by restarting the asp. Apart from this, the game is great. Full Review

  • Rider
    Nim RaidS Published date: August 2, 2017

    I think you guys should add a flip button or make it into to something else because holding to drive and flip is really difficult for some people because if you are going of a low ramp and accidentally hold to drive it will just fill and u will die. Otherwise the game is really good Full Review

  • Rider
    Ian Whitsel Published date: August 24, 2017

    EDIT: The "restore purchses" button does not work for me. I'm not paying twice. Great simple addictive game. I enjoy the endless mode as well as the very creative levels in level mode. The only complaint I have is the collision detection and physics glitches that cause your vehicle to flip on flat ground or to clip through obstacles. Total bummer when you're close to a high score. Full Review

  • Rider
    LeeLee Rowe Published date: August 19, 2017

    Froze Up! After 1 minute of gameplay. Ads popped up 3 times within that 1st min. Had to uninstall because the screen froze black and Game wouldn't come back on. Sux because I liked the few seconds it let me play. Full Review

  • Rider
    Brandon Rikard Published date: September 27, 2017

    Would give more stars because it was fun and addicting but now that I have all of the bikes I have so many gems and nothing to spend them on. Please update with some new bikes. If not I'm going to delete to make room for something else. Also, it is lagging a lot more than it used to and causing me to die making it frustrating. Full Review