Smash Hit

Smash Hit

Prepare for a transcendental, ambient journey through time and space.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.4.0
  • Updated: November 26, 2015
  • Requires Android: 2.3 and up
  • Installs: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000



Take a surreal journey through an otherworldly dimension, move in harmony with sound and music and smash everything in your path! This experience requires focus, concentration, and timing to not only travel as far as you can, but also break the beautiful glass objects that stand in your way.

* Smash your way through a beautiful futuristic dimension, smashing obstacles and targets in your path and experiencing the best destruction physics on mobile devices.

* Musically synchronized gameplay: music and audio effects change to suit each stage, obstacles move to each new tune.

* Over 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles, and realistic glass-breaking mechanics in every stage.

Smash Hit is playable at no cost and free from ads. An optional premium upgrade is available through a one-time in-app purchase that will enable new game modes, cloud save across multiple devices, detailed statistics and the ability to continue from checkpoints.


3,926,789 total
5 2,791,729 
4 600,600 
3 252,518 
2 101,690 
1 180,252 

  • Smash Hit
    Synoctis Lim Published date: December 14, 2017

    I came across this app while I was browsing for more games. Looks very well designed and I've decided to make room for this app. The very first time I played this game my mind was literally blown. Awesome music, fantastic design/graphics and very creative gameplay. It gave me a very good first impression that within 30 minutes into the game I've upgraded to premium. The different game modes accomodate various type of players. The challenges are reasonable. Literally every aspect of this game is a success. The premium upgrade is worth every cent. Who need ads if you can give a very good first impression. A simple yet sophisticated game. Very well done indeed, a must for time killer! Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Cereal Hines Published date: January 15, 2016

    So fun Great graphics and its super fun and addictive especially if you like beating your own score. I gave 4 stars because I paid the 2 dollars for the full version but I find that it doesn't save where I'm at very well... Like if I leave the game and come back to it the last level I completed won't be saved. Other than that its really awesome and challenging. Hope I can get past level 8! Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Ben Black Published date: May 13, 2016

    Great game, but premium is almost a requirement. The game itself is great, with an uber-cool, never-seen-before concept of smashing glass with metal balls in mysterious dimensions. The only problem is that getting premium is almost a requirement if you want to do well in the game. You can't continue the level once you die without paying. I would rate this game five stars if it weren't for this. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    yusif gasanov Published date: March 13, 2016

    It's very addictive, one thing I am pod about is that right from the get-go they're trying to get you to pay for it . It would have been nice if they didn't try to sell the premium version so quick. If anybody could have tried any other levels without being intimidated to pay for premium maybe I would have been sold to buy a premium. As of right now I'm okay with playing classic. Maybe I'll think about premium .. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Jocelyn Miller Published date: November 26, 2016

    Think about playing all day Ridiculously good graphics for a mobile game, excellent soundtrack that matches the intensity of each level, and never gets boring. The free version makes you restart from the beginning instead of checkpoints, but I don't even mind because it's still challenging and fun with each replay. I do wish I could play in a different mode for free though. This would be an awesome Zen game. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Ruby Rose Published date: August 31, 2016

    Good game, but only if you pay This game is great and a good stress reliever, even without premium, but you really only get the full experience if you purchase premium. Without it, you'll just play through the game once, get to endless, stop playing and lose all your data because there's no cloud save on the free version. Premium has a ton of great game modes too, including local multiplayer ones. I have to say that I loved this game with premium. Great job, Mediocre! Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Venom 762 Published date: December 27, 2015

    Outstanding and highly recommended Beautiful graphics, great concept. Very fun game to play it's a casual game. Super addicting but not like with other games where you want to play but are still bored. It will entertain you time and time again. One of the best mobile games I've ever played, no doubt. It's not required but if you enjoy it a lot you might want to spend the 2 bucks on the "premium" which allows you to continue from check points among other things. There are no annoying ads even in the free edition which is a huge plus. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Jodi Asquith Published date: August 16, 2016

    Challenging but fun The first time I played this I was like "This is easy" But now I'm at level 8 and I can't beat it! I bought the full version so I can start at any checkpoint I want. I always start at the highest checkpoint I can choose, but for level 8 I died with 2 balls least there are 2 perimids right at the beginning but there SO hard to get! This game is very challenging and yes sometimes it makes me want to throw my phone across the room, but it is still very fun, and highly recommend Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    David Hobday Published date: January 29, 2016

    Well worth it. With all games that just seem to be clones of each other, it's refreshing to find a game like Smash Hit. It looks great, and it delivers in game play what it promises when you buy the full version. I'm tired of all these "free" games that soon become almost impossible to play unless you pay for power-ups. These 5 stars are well deserved. -- Now almost 18 months on and have come back to find all the magic of its originality is still here, and with a few tweaks. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Chanticleer Guitarra Published date: December 16, 2017

    Uses little data! Amazing, relaxing music! Fantastic *3D graphics*! One of the best apps on Google Play Store! On Dec. 16th I found a bug: After I bought the game I started from checkpoint 4 and the game froze in place halfway through checkpoint 6. I could still throw balls and break glass but I couldn't move no matter what I did and was stuck in place. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Published date: January 3, 2018

    I love it but i do t like that u have to pay to start over where you where that is. Just dump but that is the only thing i dont like about this game. Everything else is so good but if the person who made the game read this. Can you chang that bc i dont think thar is fair yes i know my review was not short but long but it was something i Had to say hope you get this byeeeeeeee Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Lohan Austin Published date: April 13, 2017

    Its so cool to play. It just takes your mind off things...but i have noticed 1 need to get the premuim version. I hope the people who make this game see this... its so awesome and its decent unlike other games that show ads all the time. I would totally recomend this game it is worth downloading and it runs really smoothly so there are no hassels while playing this game. It is a AWESOME time killer and it is really something so good to play. 5/5 Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Chanelle Paschal Published date: March 5, 2016

    Smash Hit Smash hit is awesome because it has a lot of intensity in the game so I get to let my brain work a little. It kinda let your brain decide if your should hit it or not. I also really like this game because the game is kinda hard so it challenges me a little bit. So who ever made this game I appreciate it. One more thing about Smash Hit is that it brings my family together because we take turns playing the game to let our brain think. Thank You! Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Janilyn Published date: March 15, 2017

    I am going crazy for this game. Great time killer and stress reliever. Graphics, music, and everything else is completely superb. I am totally enthusiastic about purchasing the premium version, however, I could not buy it because I do not have any credit or debit card. Can someone please tell me if there is other ways to purchase, like deducting the fee directly from my SIM balance, perhaps? Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Sp1nal Tap Published date: April 27, 2016

    Smash hit is great! I love this game. Great graphics and music and it plays smoothly. The reason I didn't give it a 5 star is because I'm able to black screen the game with 100% reproducibility. Once in the black screen, the game does not move back to normal. Which causes me to close the app. I then have to start all over as I have not yet paid for the game. Overall, the game in itself is great. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Ali Tinai Published date: June 24, 2017

    Smash Hit is a great game with an equally great business model. The developer's devotion to make good games that are free of ads and consumables is something worth appreciating. However, I've noticed a few bugs after purchasing the premium version. Those bugs don't break the game, but they're still irritating. One example is how I can't access the leaderboards and achievements anymore. I also completely lose my progress after restoring my purchase. Other than such issues, it's quite a fun game. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Mark Morrow Published date: May 31, 2016

    Great Game Unless You Are A Whiner Seems like nearly all the negative reviews are from people who want a participation trophy. If you want a full featured game, pay the small amount they ask. These guys obviously worked hard to produce this slick game. If you want free entertainment, they are providing a wonderful opportunity for you here as well, you will just have to start at the beginning each time you fail. If you don't want to repeat the beginning frequently, either pay for it, or get better at the game so you can go farther. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Laura Gardner Published date: May 31, 2017

    Very addictive and plays to the perfection side to carry as many balls as possible by using as little balls as possible... sounds like a personal problem, I know... but this is a fun game and they dont annoy the heck out of you with pop up ads... i have purchased this on another phone but not yet on this one... how come when you switch phones you have to pay all over again? Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Dan Isaac Published date: July 19, 2016

    A flaw behind the beauty First of all, it's got very smooth control mechanics, sometimes you just tap the screen and it's so smooth that you lose a ball without shattering a glass. Second, the graphics is so neat and attractive, just beautiful beyond average quality. Simple, addictive, a time passer, worth a try for everyone. But you hit something, an object, and you lose some balls and that's the flaw. But overall, it's a great game. I recommend it. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Ian Compton Published date: May 6, 2016

    Great game This is a wonderful game, with great gameplay, amazing aesthetics and highly addictive. Totally worth the $2 for the premium version. I do have one problem though: even though I am pretty decent at the game, Google Play won't give me any achievements even though I'm sure I have earned some. It won't even let me open achievements or leaderboard pages. Is anybody else having this issue? Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Sweet One Published date: January 6, 2017

    BEST GAME EVER... Love this game, a must have on every phone.. Well worth the price, amazing graphics.. Also bought the VR version truly unbelievable. Just 1 wee problem... When you reach infinity there is not a lot of glass to smash for extra balls which is a must have especially when it goes super fast. Thankyou and keep up the great work.. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Jessica Diaz Published date: February 29, 2016

    From the beggining Ya I won't deny its fun and as time killer and entertaining. But what if u don't want to buy the premium version. If you have made it extremely far in the game, but then you happen to lose. Then it would be no fun to start all over again. You should be able to continue from your checkpoint, premium version or not. I erased this game for that reason Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    inga sanders Published date: October 4, 2016

    Spectacular Shockingly Good Game This game is addicting and amazing who thought breaking glass could be so fun. I mean somebody thought of something random when they made this. I I love it it is just so amazing. If only the person who thought of it made the game so that you didn't have to pay for some stuff like extra levels. Still if you're reading this and you're questioning if you should download this or not you definitely should.! 😉😀☺ Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Neoli Marcos Published date: September 4, 2017

    Two suggestions for this otherwise perfect game. First, a better title. "Smash Hit" is too generic a a name for a game this gorgeous and surreal. (If Tetris was named Falling Blocks, it just wouldn't be the same.) And second, randomizing where the crystal pyramids are planted. As it is, they're located in the same spot each and every time. Anyway, thank you Mediocre for this lovely game! :) Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Caroline Strasenburgh Published date: December 1, 2015

    Totally recommend! (Both versions) I had this game for free for a long time, and it was awesome (the fact checkpoint starts are premium didn't bother me and seems fair). This is my first app purchase and I don't intend to make a habit of it but I felt this game was definitely worth it! Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Sage Morris-Greene Published date: September 26, 2016

    Excellent game. Really superb game. Engaging play and the music works well. Plus fantastic breaking sounds. This game is both addictive and relaxing. Reminds me of the original wipeout. Another cool element is that each level adds interesting new elements. Only thing that would make it better is if my acheivements would track. Im on a galaxy s 7, and they don't track. At least my checkpoints save. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    John K. Fitzgerald jr. Published date: July 13, 2016

    Amazing game. Great graphics, no bugs. Addicting gameplay, interesting mechanics. It's like a more accessible and easier to play Geometry Dash (which I hated). The mechanics are also very nicely fleshed out. I ran out of balls but then activated an infinite ball power up that kept me in the game long enough to recover and beat my high score. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    max sa Published date: December 2, 2016

    Don't pay for premium I paid for premium on 1 device and it came thru. Then I installed this game on my tablet and they asked to pay again even though it was linked to my acc. I paid again and money went of my acc. But I didn't get the premium. It still says pay for premium. Who pays me back ? It's lost in play store. Don't bother buying it cos it will just steal ur money. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Aries Mitchell Published date: March 14, 2017

    This game has great graphics and is very addicting. However I don't like how you're required to pay just to start at your checkpoints. Had the game let me get to, say, the 10th or 20th checkpoint, then asked me to continue to pay, I would have preferred that. But every time I want to play I have to start all over again... Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Kesh Money Published date: July 31, 2016

    Chaotic Zen I ACTUALLY ❤ this game!!! It's challenging and fun all at the same time I can't stop playing. Really helps calm me down... The music is beautiful and soothing. The scenery really draws you in. I got this game for free and even when I had to pay to keep my check points it was worth it. My favorite game hands down. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Sadie Barben Published date: December 9, 2017

    I love this game. It's very simple, just go without getting hit by glass or running out of balls, but it is a lot harder than it sounds. I am forever telling myself I have time for just one more attempt, it is very addicting. The 3d design on this is amazing and creative. Up at the top it says to write a SHORT review, so this will end here. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    StYlE SkAtEs Published date: April 8, 2017

    Awesome thanks 60-vote the same time. it will not have the option. if I could see it as an option for me, I will have the option. the only problem is that it would take to make a decision on this page was generated in my mind, and then you have a lot more to do it, I will have the option. if I could see it as a result of the most of 8th St Louis, but it was the last few days ago. the first one. the first one. the first one. the only thing that I have to go to the next few days ago by the way I love it Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Jit Mitra Published date: May 2, 2017

    The gameplay is unique and challenging and fun but this game feels like a demo as all the other game modes (PvP , co-op etc) are locked for free users. And you can't even use checkpoints without paying them( like SERIOUSLY?!) So once the game is over you have to start all over again if you are a free user. Apart from that this game definitely deserves a try from people looking for casual , relaxing yet challenging gameplay. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    JustMaisie Published date: March 24, 2016

    Best game ever I love this game I can really get engrossed with this game and I love being able to smash things without being told off. The smashing sound is actually very thereputic and it does kind if help me let off some steam when I'm angry. A friend actually recommended this game for me and once I had played it I ran up to them and gave them a great big bear hug and though out my class it has become a big thing. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Solar Messiah Published date: September 16, 2017

    I don't normally review games but i feel i have to with this one and i have to say this is the best game i have ever played on a mobile phone. It is a total stress reliever the graphics are nice and smooth with no lag, the music is nice and mellow and the sound of glass smashing makes me feel im releasing a little tension. It is quite a difficult game and can be quite frustrating when you start again so im going to purchase the premium game because i think it is totally worth it. Well done to the developers you have designed a gem of a game, Thank You. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Gulu Tulu Published date: November 9, 2016

    Vry addictive nd gud tym killr as well. I would have rated it 5 star but for the rsn that it doesn't allow me restart frm a checkpoint without the premium. That's d main issue in my view..nd plz remove this thing in ur updated version, I reqst.. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    cwadeh76 Published date: June 3, 2017

    I like the game, it seems fun to play. But in order to try any of the different modes or pick up your game from a save point, you have to buy the game. Go all the way back to the very beginning of the game after you die no matter how far you made it on your first life. For that reason I have lower marks. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Lucas Kimber Published date: August 3, 2016

    Omg XD! Such an awesome game I love it! when I have enough money I'm going to pay for the full version because it's so exhilarating! To see all the glass flying at your face! I love smashing glass in real life anyway... only if I have to like only if the glass needs to be destroyed for a good Reason. like in Robot Wars!😁😀👍 Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Cheryl Myrick Published date: December 6, 2015

    Absolutely my favorite game of all time! Played it while taking a bath last night. In at 2am out at 7! Had to drain cold, add hot 4 times! Great stress relief! I tried every single level! I'm not real great at it...YET, but I like Mayhem the best. It's so fast! THANKS for the fun. Full Review

  • Smash Hit
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Published date: February 13, 2016

    One of my fav time killers! I can play this game for long periods at a time without getting tired of it. Zen mode is great but the whole premise of the game is a stress relieving, fun, "get to break stuff" good time. Highly recommended. Also play on my ten inch tablet and it's a little easier to be accurate with such a big screen. Full Review